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CEO Says,

A commitment to acting responsibly, to doing the right thing, is integral to the business of our Company. Strategic priorities are grounded in a fundamental sense of responsibility that includes all Clients, Employees, Communities and Stakeholders – whose support is essential for our continued success.
We at SAP live with our Values and those are first foremost is Integrity be it towards Client or to Staff or towards Indian Government department, we believe in right and lawful actions and also believes that faith in Integrity always pays in long run.
Then comes Innovation, this is other name of creativity, we always thrive for creating solutions which would help and support our Clients.

Our Professional approach towards our services brings promptness and pro-activeness while serving Clients.We believe that Excellence is a by-product of our Professional approach and our focus on Innovation while creating solutions for our Clients.


We always strive for Excellence in whatever small or big we do.And most important is our People, we at SAP Global Logistics always work on our people. We invest time, knowledge and experience so we create the excellent workforce which is foundation of our company SAP Global Logistics.

True corporate responsibility entails far more than giving back. It's our dedication to providing products and services of the highest quality. It's our drive to develop new standards in Logistics Industry. We stand with our Vision ‘By working with passion and focus reliability and sustainability to create competitive advantage for our customers, and in doing so always live up to our company value’ and Mission ‘To assure cost effective & quality service with Knowledge and Expertise for our customers by optimizing their supply chain through innovation and total commitments without any compromise with Law of Land’

It's everything we deliver, enhance and invent to fulfill defining promise – not just to Clients, but to all of our Stakeholders: We're here to help.
Your Sincerely,

Sanjay Rane

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